Richmond International Airport

Did you know that according to GRTC's trip planner it takes an hour and 7 minutes to get from Downtown Richmond to Richmond International Airport? The nearest bus stop for Richmond International Airport is a mile's walk away from the Airport's check-in counter. The Airport is a major local employer and yet convenient access for flyers and employees has yet to materialize. Richmond's business and tourism scene has improved drastically in the last decade. It's time our transportation options caught up.


I'd like to share with you one of my favorite pictures of my daughter when she was a baby. This is from her first train trip when our family traveled to North Carolina so I could attend a work-related conference on bioethics in research. Amtrak is one of the most family-friendly ways to travel- ample legroom, quad seats for groups, and helpful staff willing to assist in wrangling a stroller into a secured storage compartment. Travel via rail reduces congestion on major roadways and is an energy-efficient way to move many people from one place to another. There are quiet cars with Wi-Fi for those wishing to work without the distraction of ongoing conversations or for those who just want to snag a nap before a major meeting at their destination.

New Kent County in particular would benefit from a restoration of the old Chesapeake & Ohio station located in Providence Forge. A place to look for inspiration is not far away: the Town of Ashland's Amtrak station serves travelers along the Northeast Corridor. Click the link above to find out more about Ashland's Amtrak Station.


Providence Forge is a prime location for a similar Amtrak station to serve New Kent County because it is located along an existing line that connects Richmond to the Newport News area with a stop in Colonial Williamsburg. Day travelers from Richmond and further afield could visit New Kent's wineries, historic sites, U-pick operations, and other tourist attractions. Commuters from New Kent and Charles City could use the Amtrak train to travel to work in Richmond and Williamsburg without the headache that is city parking and travel along Route 64. I have been driving between my home in Hanover and my office in Williamsburg for almost five years now and if you didn't already know, summertime driving along 64 is virtually unbearable because of holiday beach travel.


This same rail line runs right past the Richmond International Airport. Why not connect those business and pleasure travelers with all that New Kent has to offer? I would serve as an advocate and mediator amongst the many parties involved within the state and federal governments and private enterprise to serve the southern part of the 97th district with viable transportation options to boost revenue and alleviate congestion on Interstate 64.

I urge you to read more about the benefits of station restoration and consider how New Kent County might be better served with a convenient rail transportation hub.