Why now?

My first political science course at Virginia Tech introduced me to the term political efficacy, the belief that an individual's political engagement has an impact on the course of affairs. When people feel that their engagement doesn't have an effect on how government acts, participation declines. It winds up a self-fulfilling prophecy: the less people participate because they feel ineffective, the less influence they truly wield because they have disengaged. If an incumbent runs unopposed year over year, voters begin to shun the polls. What difference does a vote make when there is no choice? When I found out Mr. Peace was running without opposition from within the Republican Party and no Democratic nominee materialized, I decided to become a candidate for the House of Delegates. 

Education and Work History

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Bachelor of Arts: 2006 summa cum laude Double Major in French and International Studies, Minor in Political Science 

After graduating from Virginia Tech, I went to work at PSI, an international health development non-profit as a Contracts Assistant to support the West & Central Africa and Southern Africa programs. My French degree was immediately put to use as many of our contracts for work in West & Central Africa were in French and it was my responsibility to translate sections relevant to billing for distribution to our Accounting team. The two years I spent there prepared me for grant and contract administration positions I held later.


I moved back down to the Richmond area in 2008 and worked as a substitute teacher in New Kent County Public Schools while looking for a full-time position in my field. In March of 2009 I began working as Post Award Manager for Virginia Commonwealth University's Office of Sponsored Programs. Through this research administration role I was introduced to all of the compliance elements and regulatory environment that cover faculty research at Virginia's public colleges and universities. While at VCU I was sponsored for a 2-week exchange with Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden. It was an amazing opportunity to learn about European Union-funded research administration.


November 2010 saw a major change- moving from award management and subrecipient monitoring to proposal development and agreement negotiation when I took a position at William and Mary's Office of Sponsored Programs. My background in international grant and contract management has served me well as I support the Center for Conservation Biology and the Institute for Theory and Practice of International Relations in their research programs. Over the last 6 1/2 years I've become well-versed in Virginia's Public Procurement Act, the state's accounting practices, and Federal reporting requirements for public universities. 

Personal Details

Home Life

My husband, Shane, and I both grew up in the area and attended New Kent County Schools together through 5th grade. I attended Hanover County Schools for middle and high school and graduated from Lee Davis in 2003. We have lived in our home in Old Church since 2009 and have two children. I am an active member at Bethlehem Presbyterian Church which is right around the corner.

Personal Interests

I am an avid (if messy) gardener and enjoy spending as much time outdoors as Virginia weather permits. My daughter and I started showing our Alpine dairy goats this spring and have had a great time meeting other goat enthusiasts from Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. In late September you can find me at the State Fair almost every day during the fair season. During wintertime I'm always happy to ride along with my father when he is trapping.